Just B Announces New K-Pop Tour

Just B announced their
2024 North & South America
tour. Tour dates include,
Jersey City, Puerto Rico, Miami Beach,
Dallas, Denver, Monterrey & Los Angeles.
Please check with the tour for 
up-to-date information.

Jungkook Golden Unboxing Delayed

We are experiencing 
technical difficulties.
The Jungkook Golden
unboxing will be posted
as soon as the problem is 
fixed. Our apologies.

New K-Pop Comebacks This Week

Here's the newest comebacks
this week:
Bam Yang Gang - BIBI
Chocolate - CHUU
Ten - Ten
Running Up - Mirae
Entity - Cha Eun Woo
Nakseo - DK
Happy & - n.SSign
The Young Man & The Deep Sea…

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Join us. K-Pop Valentine's Day 02.11 & 02.14

Celebrate Valentine's Day
(or Single's Appreciation Day)
with us. Tune in for a 
commercial free hour of K-Pop
love songs and K-Drama OST
on Sunday Feb. 11th and 
Wednesday Feb. 14th.