5 k-pop headlines you should know! Right here!

This week's top headline! Vixx's Ravi and superstar Ailee announced they are dropping a collaboration on April 28th. We can't wait! Will it be our track of the week? We think it might! See all of the headlines in our…

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Spin It Or Skip It: H&D - Soul

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Top Four Kpop MV This Week

This week: Kill This Love - Blackpink passed 800 million views. Loser - BIGBANG passed 200 million views. Hip - Mamamoo passed 100 million views. Wannabe - Itzy passed 100 million views. Follow us on Pinterest to see the latest…

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K-Pop Giveaway ( 04.20 -04.25)

APINK and Winner just released their posters. Enter for a chance to win and use our cash to help pay for your k-pop posters.

K-Pop Coming Soon/Proximamente

Children - BVNDIT x Dye - GOT7 x Soulmate - H&D, Lie - IMFACT x Da Capo - April x 1719 - HA:TFELT x Spit It Out - Solar

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