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How To Enter The Contest / Como Participar En El Concurso

The full rules and regulations are under the form.

The full rules and regulations are under the form.

MyWays! Contest Updates

Shipping Times:

Many of our prizes are ordered pre-order from Seoul. There may be a 2-3 week gap between when a prize is won and when it is shipped to the winners. Stay updated about prizes, below.

Mexico: Su paquete puede tardar un mes en llegar por correo.

Ronia & Rachel & Vanessa & Madeline

The shipping on the albums is delayed, beyond our control. They are all in one shipment arriving from Seoul. We will mail them out as soon as they arrive.


Your Oneus album has shipped, please give it 4-6 weeks to arrive.


Unfortunately, that prize was delivered a long time ago. The next time you win, we will add extra k-pop merch to your prize.

Prizes shipped:

Kathy - Suho CD 05.31

Kayla - Onew CD 05.28

Roxanne - BT21 Stickers 05.31

Suzanne - K-Pop Sweatshirt 05.31

Yareli - Psy 9 - up to 1 month

Kim - NCT Glitch Mode CD -05.10

Anahit - NCT 127 Sticker CD - 05.06

Kiara - Monsta X CD - 05.10

T-Shirts winners - T-shirts will all arrive on 05.09.

Jackie - Stray Kids CD - 03.30 

Rona - Enhyphen CD - 03.31 
Drake - T-Shirt  - 03.28 
Ariella - BTS Magazine - 03.28


Las reglas y regulaciones completas están bajo la forma.

Las reglas y regulaciones completas están bajo la forma.

Please Enter your name only one time - we only count it one time

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