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Thank A K-Pop Idol: Taemin

We are bringing back
Thank A KPop Idol
this week.

Due to anxiety and
depression, Taemin
is now serving his
military sentence as
a public service
worker. Send him
your good thoughts,
prayers and best wishes.

New KPop Music On The Air / Nuevos Estrenos

Join us. Escuche.
Hear these new kpop

Layin' Low
Hyolyn feat. Jooyoung

Devil - Changmin

universe_ - Onewe


Yummy Yummy Love
Momoland & Natti Natasha


K-Pop Giveaway Winner: Cheyanne

Felicidades! Cheyanne!
You won the TWICE
Lightstick keyring.

Due to the coronavirus
all prizes will be mailed
at the end of January.