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Fresh K-Pop Meme

International fans: Trying to stay
Aficionados internacionales:
Tratando de mantenerse
despiertos para ver un concierto.

Fresh K-Pop Memes: SF9

Leaving work for the weekend.
Us. The Weekend.
Dejando el trabajo para el fin
de semana. Nos. El fin de

Fresh BTOB Peniel Shin Meme

Us. Saturday morning workout.
Expectation versus Reality.
Nos. Ejercicio de sabado
por las mañanas.
A expectativa. A realidade.

Fresh K-Pop Meme:

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When the boss asks us to work
overtime on Friday.
Cuando el jefe no pide que
trabajemos horas extras
un viernes.

Fresh BTS Meme

When someone tells you the end
of a k-drama before you see it.
Cuando alguien te dice el final
de un programa de KDrama
antes de verlo.

Fresh KPop Meme: CL

When the teacher is about to start
the test and you gotta say a little
prayer first. | Cuando el maestro
está punto de comenzat la
prueba. Y tienes que razar un
poco antes de que comience.

Ateez K-Pop Meme

*Sunday night* Us. The Weekend.
Homework. See the full meme

*Domingo* Nosotros. Tarea.
Fin de semana.


Fresh K-Pop Meme: EXO

Friend: Do you know any k-pop songs?
Us: How much time do you have?

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Fresh K-Pop Meme

*International Fans* Getting ready
to watch a live concert. Versus
Realizing we forgot the time change.

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Fresh K-Pop Memes: BTS Memes

Sunday afternoon naps be like...Enjoy your
Sundays with us. Join us for Sunday K-Pop Love
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Fresh Memes: BTS RM Meme

When there is a heatwave and you don't have
air conditioning. Visit our kpop memes page,
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Fresh Memes: BTS Summer Meme

When you realize summer vacation is ending.
Us. Summer Vacation. Find more memes on
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Memes We Love: Blackpink Meme

The teacher we want this school year. Find more
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K-Pop Memes We Love

Us: Singing K-Pop Songs. After the Korean parts. After the English parts.

Kpop Memes We Love

When your friend asks you for a bite of food, but it looks like they are going to eat the whole thing.

K-Pop Memes We Love

That moment someone asks you for good English songs. You're just there staring not knowing how to respond.