K-Pop Giveaway / Sorteo: VERIVERY

Enter for a chance to win
the new VERIVERY cd,
Liminality, EP. Dream.
The contest starts at
5:00 p.m. ET. Rules and
restrictions apply. Sign
up for the weekly newsletter
for the contest password.

5 Ways To Listen To Free K-Pop Radio

Here's 5 ways to listen/stream to
kpop radio free, while
we fix our app. Apple Car Play,
Android Auto, iTunes & Real Player
feed and of course our website.
We're working to get our app 
back up and running. Thank …

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K-Pop News: Astro's Moonbin Passes Away

Moonbin of Astro and
the new sub-unit,
Moonbin and Sangha
has passed away. If you
feel like you need someone
to talk to please call 988
in the U.S in Spanish and
English or find the hotline
in your country…

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