Moola For Merch Contest/Concurso: Itzy - Not Shy

The Itzy album is out for pre-order now. We're supporting local k-pop stores and giving away $20 gift cards, until the pandemic is over. Enter for a chance to win a gift card now. Rules and restrictions apply.

New K-Pop On Our Airwaves - 07.25

These new k-pop songs are on the air now:

Hello Stranger - Stray Kids

What You Waiting For - Somi

Dessert feat. Soyeon & Loopy - Hyo

Naughty - Irene & Seulgi (Red Velvet)

Holo - Lee Hi

Join us…

Moola For Merch Contest/Concurso - 07.27

This week we're giving away a $20 gift card to a k-pop store, so you can buy k-pop merchandise, like the new Rocket Punch album. (Now on pre-order) Enter for a chance to win. Rules & restrictions apply.

4 AAPI Events For Civic Minded K-Pop Fans

Here's 4 events:

1. Flow States - Voices Of Queer Pacific Islanders and Asian Americans - Smithsonian APA, 2. Amplifying Black + Korean Voices, 3. Coping In Times Of Covid - Asian American Federation, 4. Following Suit: How Law Firms…