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About Us 

K-Pop Highway Radio is North America’s (that's Canada, Mexico & The U.S.) Independent K-Pop station. The station started with the idea to spread the love of k-pop across the Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. There are 3 free ways to listen. Join us!

Somos una estación de radio k-pop que atiende a tres países. En Canada y México y E.E.U.U. nuestro objetivo es traerle el mejor k-pop para usted. También estamos dedicados a la celebración de la cultura coreana en México, Canadá y los Estados Unidos. Escucha a través de un navegador web en tu escritorio, tablet o teléfono. Obtener la aplicación gratuita ahora. ¡ Únase a nosotros! 

We're your road to the k-pop fandom. Listen. See. Win. K-Pop. = Escuche. Ver. Ganar. K-Pop.

1. Listen/Escuche:

New K-Pop x Classic K-Pop x K-Drama OST

Nuevos Estrenos x Canciones Clásicas x Banda Sonora

Listen Live/En Vivo  Programas

2. See/Ver: 

New M/Vs daily

Nuevos M/Vs diariamente

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3. Win/Ganar:

"K-Pop Cash For Contests"  Coming soon!

"Dinero para k-pop conciertos Concurso" ¡Próximamente!

*We are also dedicated to supporting the Korean American, Korean-Canadian, Korean-Mexican, and Asian-American & Asian-Canadian communities through our social media activity and membership donations.

For Contests

*No purchase necessary. Must be 18 and over (U.S.) and the age of majority (Canada). Must be a resident of the U.S. or Canada. Must have a valid e-mail address. Void where prohibited. Void in Quebec. (We're working on it!) See the "contests" page for full rules, details and entry form. 

Para Concursos

 Las reglas y los detalles oficiales de todos los concursos se incluyen a continuación. *No es necesario realizar ninguna compra. Debes tener 18 años y más o la mayoría de edad en Canadá. Debes ser residente de Canadá, México o EE. UU. Debes tener una dirección válida. Nulo donde se restrinja. Nulo en Quebec. (¡Estamos trabajando en esto, Quebec!)

Nuestras disculpas. Estamos esperando la traducción de la sección inferior.


FAQ English


1. Do I have to be Korean to listen to KPop?  

Of course not! KPop fans come from all over the country and the world. Some of our listeners speak Korean fluently, know a little Korean or none at all. Some of our listeners speak other languages, like Japanese, Mandarin, Spanish, and Farsi to name a few. In the end, we all listen for one reason, the music is awesome!  

2. Where do you broadcast from? Can I visit the studio?  

We broadcast out of Phoenix. We wish you could, but we're an internet radio station. The people who help keep the station on track are spread out across Canada, Mexico and the U.S.  

3. Are those photos of real KPop fans on your site?  

Nope. We use lots of stock photography on our site.  

4. Can I buy the songs that I hear on the station?  

Yes! You can download everything you hear from the Canada x Mexico x U.S. iTunes' stores.  

5. I'd like to learn some Korean, so I can understand my favorite songs. Do you have any suggestions?  

Try the word of the day on the home page. It automatically updates everyday. Our favorite place to get more Korean lessons is Koreanclass101.com.  

6. I love KPop, too. Are your hiring?  

If a position opens, you will see it on our blog or our Facebook! No unsolicited resumes, please. "Unsolicited" meaning resumes we haven't asked for. We won't read them. Thanks.  

7. Are you gonna start charging like some other streaming services?  

Nope. Listening is free. We're like the FM radio in your car. The advertisers on our shows, app and website pay us, so you can listen for free.  

8. My player is displaying boxes or strange letters instead of Korean Characters. How do I fix that?  
We've had this problem, too! This is a common issue with certain players and sometimes only after certain upgrades. To help you, we'll continue to display the English name, for most of the songs. If you want a song from a show, check the trending songs pages (Canada | U.S. | Mexico) for the links to the iTunes store. And if that doesn't work, you can always look up your favorite song in iTunes by artist or album title. (See question #4 for tips)  

9. I heard a song in another language, isn't this supposed to be a KPop station?  
Some KPop singers record songs in a language other than Korean. If a song hits the charts, like Lay's What U Need, we add it into the rotation.  

10. What's up with the Public Service Announcements?  
We're in unique position to provide space for public service announcements. Organizations like the Ad Council and the National Health Information Center have public issues they like to address, like National Immunization Month or Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  They can't afford advertising space, so we donate some of ours.  

11. My player keeps having issues with buffering. Can you fix that?  
We wish we could. As we understand it, the internet connection to the stream or the software used to access the stream is having a problem. If your desktop player i.e. Realplayer or iTunes freezes you'll have to restart it. Sometimes it happens (to us, too).  

12. Why didn't I hear my request?  
We like to receive your requests, but we get a lot of them.  There are three major reasons your song may not have been chosen: 1.) The label identifies a song as explicit content, 2.) We identify it as explicit or inappropriate content, 3.) It is not available for download from a legal source such as the iTunes store or Google Play store. As a general policy, we try to avoid explicit or controversial content. We want all of our listeners to have a pleasant experience and be able to download the songs that air.