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Join our fan club! Get our newsletter & k-pop giveaway updates & password & k-pop merch releases. ¡ Únete a nuestro Club de fans! ¡ Regístrate en nuestro Boletín! Reciba nuestro boletín informativo y la contraseña del concurso. ***The k-pop giveaway is only available in Canada (excluding Quebec), Mexico and the United States. (Sorry, Quebec.)

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Winter Notice

It is Christmas time and we have had two reports that prizes have not arrived. Please let us know if you have not received your prize. We are switching to $25 gift cards for the rest of December. We will return to sending physical cds in January 2024. 

We have Young K, Zerobaseone, Taemin and Loco albums waiting to be sent in our next mailing.

1.) Please let us know in the form below, if you have not received your prize, if it is not listed above.

2.) We will check to see that your prize was delivered by the post office.

T-Shirt Winners:

Your t-shirts are being printed. We will send them out when they arrive. Thank you for your patience.

 General Notice About Shipping Times:

Many of our prizes are ordered pre-order from Seoul. There may be a 2-3 week gap between when a prize is won and when it is shipped to the winners. Stay updated about prizes, below. For the safety of our listeners we do not post last names.

Mexico: Su paquete puede tardar un mes en llegar por correo.







Las reglas y regulaciones completas están bajo la forma.

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