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Welcome to the k-pop highway radio fan club! help shape our station.  See our current prize & take a look at past contest prizes. More kpop. more prizes. más kpop. más premios.

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KPop Valentines day KPOP Love Songs

el día de San Valentín

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Upcoming Prizes | Premio Proximamente


Due to the changing situation with the coronavirus. we are switching to giving away e-gift cards that will be distributed on-line. We will return to giving physical prizes as soon as quarantines and curfews are lifted.


1. NCT Neo zone CD



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We're giving away kpop prizes each week! 

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Past K-Pop Contests x Events | en los últimos días

EXO Weekend Kpop radio exo

EXO Weekend

Join us for EXO Weekend! We’re celebrating! Chen is getting married & becoming a father.
👉EXO music 🎶 🎵 all day/ todo el día 😁

👉12:00 🕛 am ET EXO Contest starts/ comienza el concurso
👉DJ Mixes feat EXO 3 pm ET 
👉12 am ET & 3 pm ET
EXO DJ Mixes
👉EXO music 🎶 🎵 all day/todo el día