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New K-Pop Music & requests / Nuevos Estrenos Y Respuestas

New K-Pop Music This Week

K-Pop This Week / Nueva Música Esta Semana :


20: Chocolate Box - Yang Yoseop, Loving You - Yukika

23: Beyond of BB - Beauty Box, Let Me In - WJSN, Dimples - Woosung

24: Crazy In Love - ITZY

25: Blaze - Do Han Se

27: Mo' Complete - AB6!X, Bad Love - Key, 문득 - Dowoon

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Plot Twist: How KDramas & Pixar Enrich Our Mental Health

AARP AAPI Facebook

An online event event sponsored by AARP AAPI. Starts on the AARP AAPI Facebook at 2 PM PT/5 PM ET.

PH1Harmony at KCCLAFC Night

Korean Cultural Center Of Los Angeles

They will be performing at LAFC Christmas Tree Lane Park right outside the LAFC Stadium is Los Angeles. Find more information on the KCCLA instagram.

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