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K-Pop Highway Radio Thank A K-Pop Idol Campaign  


In 2019, we were shocked at the loss two of our fave idols, Sulli and Goo Hara. K-Pop fans who have listened for generations, also remember waking up to the sudden loss of Jonghyun of SHINee. Recently, K-Pop stars have started speaking out about mental health and being attacked by netizens. As a small k-pop station, we wondered what we could do.   

What Is It  

K-Pop Highway Radio #ThankAKPopIdol Campaign.  

1. Each Friday we will post a letter to our social media accounts. 

(We’re going A through Z, so we don’t miss anyone).  
2. Get on your social media  
3. Pay a compliment to or thank an idol/group whose name starts with that letter.  
4. Use the #ThankAKPopIdol hashtag, so others can join in.  

All of the k-pop idols work so hard to bring us great music and great concerts.  Their music makes life better. Join us every Friday. Show your love and appreciation for their hard work.  

- Originally posted by K-Pop Highway Radio (November 29, 2019) 


Photo from Tweet: Cr. Jeff Benjamin (Twitter)

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