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Schedule | Horario | 프로그램

Every Day/Todos Los Dias:

K-Pop Morning Dance Party
Música bailable de kpop     
@ 6 - 8 am  (PT) / 9 - 11 am (ET)   

This Week/Esta Semana

@5 - 6 pm (PT) /8 - 9 pm (ET)     

K-Pop New Music Mondays     
Los estrenos más recientes     

KDrama OST Tuesdays     
La mejor OST     
(banda sonora original)    

K-Pop Trending Wednesdays   
Tendencias de K-Pop 

K-Pop Throwback Thursdays     
Canciones clásicas y legendarias     

K-Pop All Request Fridays     
Solicitudes de escucha   


The Weekend/El Fin De Semana

Sat. & Sun./ Sabado y Domingo 
K-Pop DJ  Mini Mix 
@ 12 pm (PT) / 3 pm (ET) 
Replay @ 11:30 pm (PT) /2:30 am (ET)

The K-Pop Dance Party
Música bailable de k-pop    

Friday Night/Viernes por la noche    
Sat  @12 am PT/ 3 am ET 

Saturday Night/Sábado por la noche    
Sun @12 am PT/ 3 am ET

Love Song Sundays    
Las mejores canciones de amor (Domingo)    
@ 5 pm PT / 8 pm PT   

New K-Pop Music This Week

K-Pop This Week / Nueva Música Esta Semana :

22: Attacca - SEVENTEEN

25: bugAboo - bugAboo, Face ID - Epik High, Favorite - NCT127

26: Dreams Alive - Dreamnote, Bipolar Pt.2: Prelude of Love - EPEX

27: Amy - Ailee, Just Beat - Just B, Fire Saturday - SECRET NUMBER

28: Roller Coaster - DKB, Hot & Cold - Park Jihoon

29: XOXO - Somi, Tell Me - Taeho

New K-Pop Streaming Now

New K-Pop Music & requests / Nuevos Estrenos Y Respuestas

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K-Pop Request Line

Get your k-pop requests in below.

Cuéntanos tus peticiones de canciones.

*Please note: Songs from Apeace are not available in our area.

K-Pop Calendar K-Pop Concerts

Kevin Woo On Sessions Live

PH1Harmony at KCCLAFC Night

Korean Cultural Center Of Los Angeles

They will be performing at LAFC Christmas Tree Lane Park right outside the LAFC Stadium is Los Angeles. Find more information on the KCCLA instagram.

Kevin Woo + Chance


See for more details. Event starts at 8 pm Pacific Time.

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