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New K-Pop Comebacks This Week

Survive - BASECAMP
When Spring Comes
- Roy Kim
Falling Slowly
- Daesung
One Of A Kind
- Daniel Jikal
Feelin' Hot
Miyao - Miya
House of Tricky:
Trial & Error

New K-Pop Comebacks This Week

Here's the newest comebacks
this week:
Bam Yang Gang - BIBI
Chocolate - CHUU
Ten - Ten
Running Up - Mirae
Entity - Cha Eun Woo
Nakseo - DK
Happy & - n.SSign
The Young Man & The Deep Sea…

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Join us. New K-Pop On The Radio

Hear these k-pop comebacks
on our air now:

Dusk Till Dawn 
-Amber Liu
No More (Ma Boy)
Hmm Bop
- Hui
Ru-Pum Pum