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This Week's K-Pop Word Search 08.27

Gunshot - KARD, Sejeong - Whale,
Dreamcatcher - Boca, Hyolyn -
Say My Name, Oh My Girl - Bara Bam,
Flamingo - BOTOPASS, I'm Not Okay
- Kim Jae Hwan, Cravity - Flame,
Bad - Jenyer, No More - Kim…

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Guess That KPop Song Tuesdays

Do you know the title of the latest Cravity song?
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Guess That KPop Song Tuesday: KARD

Test your k-pop skills. Can you guess this hot
new song from KARD? Hear it on our station.
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Guess That K-Pop Song Tuesday

Can you guess TXT's latest hit? Join us.
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Guess That K-Pop Song: Baekhyun Edition

Can you guess this k-pop song title from
Baekhyun of EXO? Use the emojis.
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k-pop quizzes and k-pop memes.

K-Pop Word Search Thursdays

Can you find these new titles:
Blessed - Miso 
Dumdi Dumdi - (G)I-DLE 
Juicy - Rocket Punch 
2 kids - Taemin 
Aloha oe - cherry bullet 
Flower - Hong Eunki 
Dream - Kim Jeong Uk 
She Got It - Bibi

Guess That K-Pop Song Tuesday - Taemin

Test your k-pop skills. The new Taemin single is out.
Can you guess the title? Hear on our station.
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That #KPop Quiz/Prueba

Find these titles:

NCT 127 - Punch 

Sugar - Hitchhiker & Sokodomo 

Secret Number - Who Dis? 

Stella Jang & Lee Min Hyuk - Beautiful 

Mayday - Crush feat. Joy 

OnlyOneOf - Angel prod by Gray 

Yubin - Me Time

Can you find the all new k-pop titles?

Solve the weekly k-pop word search:

Stray Kids (Han) - Close 

James Lee - Alright feat. Amber 

Natty - Nineteen 

Bol4 - Leo feat. Baekhyun 

Headache - Moon Jong Up 

GB9 - Milky Way 

Astro - Knock 

IU - eight…

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Quiz/Prueba: Guess This KPop Song

Can you guess this k-pop song from the screenshots? Check out the video on our Pinterest and download our free app to hear it here on the air!

K-Pop Quiz/Prueba: Find these k-pop songs!

Kazino - Bibi 

Ridin’ -  NCT Dream 

Bazooka! - GWSN 

No Good Girl - Minseo 

Memories - WH3N 

Nonstop - OH My Girl 

Stay Tonight - Chung Ha 

Lalailala - April

K-Pop Quiz: Find these k-pop titles!

Spit It Out - Solar x Orbit - Hwasa x Children - BVNDIT x Life Sucks - HA:TFELT x Dive - Sunday Off x Soul - H&D x Future - GIRLKIND

Join us. Escuche.
K-Pop New Music Mondays
Nuevos Estrenos…

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Spin It Or Skip It: H&D - Soul

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K-Pop Word Search

Top K-Pop M/Vs 

1. Victon - Howling 

2. Coogie feat. Giriboy x Simon Dominic - Set Go 

3. Omg Seong Wu - Gravity 

4. Purplebeck - Valenti 

5. MCND - Spring 

6. Stella Jang - Villain