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Celebrate 13 Years With f(x)

MeUs! Join us this weekend
we're celebrating 13 years
with the legendary k-pop
group f(x)!

Hear f(x) 2 times an hour
and in our
Midnight K-Pop DJ Mix
at 12:00 a.m. ET.

4 Hot K-Pop Tracks For Labor Day Weekend

It's hot this Labor day
weekend. Here’s our
top picks for k-pop
songs with the word “hot”.
Enjoy your 3 day weekend. 

Hot Sauce - NCT Dream 
Hot - Seventeen 
Hot Potato - N. Flying 
Classic K-Pop: 
Hot Summer -…

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Siwoo's 3 Top Spring K-Pop Songs

Add these three top Spring
k-pop songs to your playlist:

Not Spring, Love or Cherry
Blossoms - HIGH4 & IU

Spring Love - Eric Nam &

Spring Day - BTS

K-Pop Giveaway Prizes Update

In the past (5) months,
(2) k-pop giveaway
prizes have been stolen
after being delivered.
Read what we are doing
to try and help lessen
the situation on our
contest page.