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K-Pop Meme: BTS Meme

Friends: What is a BTS?
The best music
My 7 boyfriends
The best group
Please ask me about their songs

K-Pop Meme: KARD's BM

POV: Fans Of K-Pop
How we think we look singing
How we really look singing

K-Pop Meme: BTS

That first summer job
in high school.

Can't wait until 2025.

BTS K-Pop Meme

Friends who love Halloween.
October 30th. October 31st

5 K-Pop Songs For National Coffee Day

Here's 5 K-Pop Songs 
for National Coffee Day.
Eddy Kim feat. Sung Kyoung
Sweet Kiss Life Coffee
B.A.P - Coffee Shop
BTS - Coffee
Urban Zakapa - Coffee 
(Reprise Version)

K-Pop Meme: Kim Woojin


When you hear someone
talking about k-pop.
When they think it is
only BTS.

K-Pop Meme: TWICE

When your friends post
vacation photos but,
you have to work.

K-Pop Meme - BTS Halloween

Friends who like Halloween.
October 30th / October 31st

Amigos a los que les gusta
30 de octubre.
31 de octubre.