Got7’s Jay B Turning Out K-Pop Hits

Jay B aka Jaebeom has
released a couple of k-pop
hits we should be listening
to for years to come.
Known as the leader of Got7,
as well as one half of the duos
JJ Project and Jus2,
Jay B shows off his
world class songwriting skills.
Jay B’s release in August 2022,
Rocking Chair, is a laidback song,
that blends his beautiful voice
with acoustic guitar.
It’s a song you can relax to
after work or play.
In September, Jay B followed
it up with the release
of his Be Yourself EP. 
Rated 5 stars on iTunes, t
he Be Yourself EP brings out
Jay B’s dance song writing
skills. Combined with a
positive message it’s a
must listen for any k-pop fan. 


He’s not done, though.
Got7's Jay B and Young Jae
lend their voices to the
Good Job OST with
the song, Closer.
The song Closer is a
feel good song. One of those
songs you start the day with.

Hear all Rocking Chair,
Go Up & Closer on the air.
Join us. Tune in free
on our homepage. 

Jay B & Got7 Quick Facts:

Associated Groups: 
JJ Project 

Top Jay B Hits: 
Go Up - Jay B 
Switch It Up feat.
Sokodomo - Jay B 
Forever Love - Jay B 

Top Got7 Hits: 
Just Right - Got7 
If You Do - Got7 
Hard Carry - Got7 
Confession Song - Got7 

Other Got7 members
to follow include: 
Jackson Wang 
Young Jae 
Bam Bam 

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