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K-Pop Giveaway: $25 On-line Gift Card

Want to choose your own k-pop album?
Enter for a chance to win 
a $25 USD on-line k-pop gift card.
Rules and restrictions apply.
Se aplican reglas y restricciones.

K-Pop Giveaway: Stray Kids Magazine

This week, we're giving away
the Stray Kids magazine.
Please let us know in the 
comments, if you do not
receive the e-mail or 
the contest form is

K-Pop Giveaway - BTS 1st MIni Album

MyWays fan club! 
We're giving away 
BTS' 1st mini album 
in honor of their 
13th anniversary.
Check your e-mail 
for the password.

Rules and restrictions apply.

K-Pop Giveaway / Sorteo: Tomorrow X Together

Tomorrow X Together is
setting 2023 on fire.
Enter for a chance to win
the new TXT cd
The Name Chapter:
Temptation. Rules &
Restrictions apply.

Congratulations! James. L.

K-Pop Giveaway / Concurso: BTS 1st Mini Album

We're giving away BTS'
very first album in honor
of their hiatus to the
serve in the military.
Check your e-mail for
the password. The
k-pop giveaway starts
at 5:00 p.m. ET. Rules
an restrictions apply.

The K-Pop Giveaway/Concurso: BTS Proof

MyWays fan club! This  
week's k-pop giveaway  
is BTS' k-pop  album,

Enter for a chance  
to win. Rules and  
restrictions apply.