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K-Pop Giveaway / Concurso: Astronaut - Jin

MyWays! Fan club, this week
we're giving away the cd
Astronaut by Jin before BTS
starts enlisting in the army.

The contest starts at
5:00 p.m. ET. Rules and
restrictions apply.

K-Pop Giveaway / Concurso: K-Dramas Or No Drama Mug

Sip your favorite winter
drink in this mug while
you binge watch your
favorite k-dramas.

We're giving one of
our new k-drama mugs
away before the go
on sale.

Enter for a chance to win.
Rules and restrictions


The K-Pop Giveaway / Concurso: Psy 9th

This week we're giving 
away the new Psy
cd - Psy 9th featuring
appearances from
Heize, Hwasa, Jessi,
Tablo, Crush and more.

The contest starts at 
5:00 p.m. ET. Rules 
and restrictions apply.